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Elfhelp Pty Ltd is mainly a service rather than a retailer, but we do sell some Christmas items that we have found to be exceptionally good or unique.

We'll be adding to this catalogue as those items come to our attention/into our warehouse.

NOTE: these price are out of the box rates pick-up rates. For installation, delivery & customisable options, click here

ID Description Price
A1 Vienna spruce artifical tree Vienna Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree
soft tufted tips, perfect to the touch and safe for kids. Made with 3" wide tips, giving the tree a very natural appearance.

7.5 foot (2.29m) 1200 tips

8.5 foot (2.58m) - 1620 tips

10 foot (3.05m) - 2196 tips

12 foot (3.65m) - 2990 tips

16.5 foot (5.03m) - 6385 tips

inc G.S.T.

inc G.S.T.

inc G.S.T.

inc G.S.T.

inc G.S.T.

A2 Oxford Spruce artificial tree Oxford Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree
realistic artificial Christmas tree which looks and feels like a real tree with tips so varied in size it will appear you have somehow removed a Spruce from the forest

6.5 foot (1.98m)- 895 tips

7.5 foot (2.29m) - 1298 tips

8.5 foot (2.58) - 1754 tips

inc G.S.T.

inc G.S.T.

inc G.S.T.

A3 Scandia spruce Artificial Tree Scandia spruce Deluxe Artificial Christmas Tree
Offering a wide range of sizes, this tree is suitable for the home, office, store, club, hotel and shopping centres. A very plush, soft needle spruce with 2" wide round tips

14 foot (4.27m) - 6108 tips

inc G.S.T.

A4 Sydney Artificial Tree Ponderosa Pine Green Artificial Christmas Tree
Traditional, dense and full mixed-foliage tree

7 foot (2.13m) - 1046 tips

inc G.S.T.

Products can be purchased from our warehouse (see front page for warehouse location).
Prices do not include delivery. Delivery may be arranged to certain suburbs on certain dates.
Product/Purchase enquiries: email xseton@elfhelp.com.au.