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Hire a Real Christmas Tree!

Elfhelp standard hire package is the home delivery and installation of Small, Medium and Large live (freshly cut) Christmas trees in quality Water-Stands - and pick up after Christmas. Its our most popular residential offering.

Size Height

Small 1.8m (6 foot) minimum Perfect for any room.
Medium 2.1m (7 foot) minimum Looks good in ceilings 10 foot tall
Large 2.45m (8 foot) minimum Width can vary widely.
Larger up to 5m! (17ft) Please Enquire

Prices can be found on the Booking form.

To ensure a fresh tree, select a day for delivery when we will be visiting your Suburb in Sydney.

Sizes are minimum sizes, so a "Small" may sometimes be almost 7 foot, a "Medium" almost 8 foot, and some larges will be near 9 foot - we will make sure your tree is no smaller than the minimum advertised.

A Whole cut tree in a good water stand survives ~4 weeks, unlike branches that resemble trees. Keep out of the sun and wind. Ensure the water-stand is topped up and your tree will stay alive for ~ 4 weeks - longer if the weather doesn't get too hot, or if you have the tree in a naturally cool room. (Real trees don't like air-conditioners).

Also have a look at our Decorated Trees - but of course you are welcome to use/add your own decorations on an undecorated/decorated delivery!

Real Christmas Trees (Click to enlarge)

Pictured Below: A pair of last Christmas's tallest trees (14 foot). (Isn't the one on the left a beauty!)

A pair of last Christmas's big trees